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Brian Alers
Alers and Associates Ltd.      
CPG-11488, WYPG-2951 
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Brian Alers is an independent professional consulting geologist and qualified person for NI-43-101 technical reports who specializes in cost-effective mine evaluations, environmentally sensitive permitting and management of a wide variety of gold, silver, copper, zinc, uranium and rare earth element bearing exploration projects throughout the western United States.

Brian K. Alers has over 30 years of mining industry experience as a geologist, exploration manager, and mine geologist.  He cut his geologic teeth in the Carlin Trend of Northern Nevada and at the calderas of the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado with Homestake Mining Co., and Anaconda Minerals Inc. After managing exploration programs for alkaline Au porphyry and volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico for close to 10 years with American Copper and Nickel Co. (INCO). He formed a small consulting firm in 1993 focused on the structural controls of ore deposits and the interpretation of complex vein relationships in 3-dimensions.

This extensive background in gold exploration makes Alers and Associates Ltd. the best choice for NI43-101 Technical Report preparation because instead of simply providing an engineering report, Alers and Associates Ltd. is qualified to recognize the real-life exploration potential of any mineral deposit and properly expand the mineral reserve or resource estimate. Countless years of boot-on-the–ground experience has provided the advanced field skills and understanding of ore systems needed to determine the appropriate exploration approach to define a proven and probable mineral reserve or resource.

Brian Alers has the experience necessary to wade through mountains of historic paperwork and quickly determine the status, validity, and potential of any type of mining property. Computer models are only as good as the geologic data that goes into them, and the successful integration of sound geologic observations into the digital database is critical in the generation of mineral deposit models and valid mineral resource/reserve estimates.

Brian Alers is a Qualified Person as defined by Canadian Securities Administrators National Instrument 43-101 (NI-43-101) standards to prepare detailed NI 43-101 technical reports. He also offers a less expensive Project Evaluation Report that is designed to organize all the previous work into one coherent report and provide a meaningful cost estimate for a full blown NI 43-101 compliant report.

Brian Alers received his Bachelor’s degree from University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado in 1982 and attended Graduate School at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden Colorado from 1999-2002. He has been a Registered Professional Geologist in good standing for American Institute of Professional Geologists since 2010 (CPG-11488), a Registered Professional Geologist in good standing for the State of Wyoming since 1991 (WYPG-2951), a member of the Society of Economic Geologists since 1989, a member of the Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society since 1981, a member of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists since 2007 and is a Colorado Class A industrial Wastewater Treatment Operator.

Over the years, Brian Alers has developed the unique observational skills, abstract thinking, and independent judgment needed to see what everybody has seen, but think what nobody else has thought. He is fully aware that the art of discovery is elusive by nature and often rooted in happenstance. The secrets of the earth will not reveal themselves to the casual observer, they are only revealed through many years of experience on the outcrop.


"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination  is out of focus." 

            -- Mark Twain


Client List:

Black Jack Resources (2013-Present); Detailed NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Miners Queen Project, Washogual Washington, a Cu-Au porphyry prospect.

Gold Dirt Mines (2013-Present); Detailed NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Gold Dirt Mine Dump, Gilpin County, CO, a Au-Ag-Te vein prospect.

El Paso Mines (2013-Present); Detailed NI 43-101 Technical Report on the El Paso Mine Dump, Cripple Creek, CO, a Au-Ag-Te vein and breccia prospect.

Hardscrabble Minerals (2013-Present); Detailed NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Ancho Peak Project, Jicarilla Mountains, Lincoln County NM , an alkali gold only porphyry prospect.

Zephyr Minerals Ltd. (2013-present); Detailed report, Bates Hunter Mine 2012 Summary Report, Central City CO,  Detailed report on Selected Telluride Deposits of Colorado, both epithermal gold mines.

Armindev (2012-present); Detailed NI  43-101 technical report on Mina Juliana mine, Sierras de Pampeanas, Argentina S. A., a high-grade wollastonite prospect.

The Otten Group (2012-present);
Detailed report, Bates Hunter Mine Summary, Central City CO, an epithermal     gold vein mine.

The BROE Group (2011)-present); Detailed NI 43-101 project evaluation report on Tecumseh #1 to #6 Claims, Sierra Madre Mountains WY, a greenstone gold prospect and a detailed project evaluation report on Uranium Potential of the Great Western Ranch, Cibola and Catron Counties, NM, a roll-front uranium prospect. 

Solauro Industries Inc. (2010-present); Two NI 43-101 technical reports on Endeavour Porphyry Gold Project, NWBC and Endeavour Gold Project, NWBC, a alkalic Au-Cu-PGM porphyry prospect. Detailed geologic project evaluation on the Summit King Mine CA, a epithermal gold vein prospect.  Mine dump evaluation report, exploration permit, notice of operation and reclamation permit for Georgia Tailings Reclamation Project NV. M
ine dump evaluation report, exploration permit, notice of operation and reclamation permit for Tybo Tailings Reclamation Project NV. Plan of operation and reclamation permit for Tonopah Airport Mill NV. Mine dump evaluation on the Bonnie Claire Mill NV. Mine dump evaluation report on Golden Crown Mine CA. Mine dump evaluation report on Leadville mine NV. Mine dump evaluation of Weepah NV.

Celtic Minerals (1993-1996, 2002-2006, 2010-12); Data-base organization, data archive management, property tours, and multiple detailed project evaluation reports on the Dawson Gold Project, Canon City CO, a gold-rich Proterozoic volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit.

Standard Gold Inc.,
(2009); Geologic evaluation on the Rex mine and other detachment related gold prospects in AZ

Wits Basin Precious Metals Inc., (2005-2009); Project Geologist responsible for all surface and underground geologic mapping, core-logging, drill program design, drill program supervision, assisted on NI 43-101 technical report, supervised 3-D computer projections of drill holes in real time, predicted vein intersections in 3-D, ore deposit modeling, authored the exploration permit, mining permit, stormwater permit and discharge monitoring report of the water treatment plant at for the Bates Hunter Mine, Central City CO, a epithermal vein mine.

Consolidated Global Minerals Inc., (2005); Project geologist responsible for underground and surface geologic mapping, supervision of ore control sampling, and core logging at  the Cash Mine, Gold Hill CO, an active gold telluride vein mine.

Echo Bay Exploration, (1995-1997);  Project geologist responsible for underground and surface mapping, core logging, diamond drill program design, and supervision and Vulcan 3-D computer modeling  at the Cross mine, Caribou CO, a epithermal gold and silver prospect . Detailed property evaluations reports for  Buffalo Valley and North Fortitude mines, NV,  both gold-silver-base metal vein and porphyry deposits.

BHP Minerals, (1995); P
roperty evaluation of Cinderella, CO, a Proterozoic Cu-Zn Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide prospect.

American Copper and Nickel Co. (INCO); (1985, 1988-1995), Geologic field crew supervisor and field geologist  responsible for surface geologic mapping, drill program design and supervision, lithogeochemical sampling, database management and evaluation reports.for numerous Proterozoic Cu-Zn (Au) Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide, Tertiary Alkaline porphyry gold and rare earth element resource districts in NM, CO, WY, and AZ.

American Gold Resources,
(1985-87); Project geologist responsible for g
eologic mapping, evaluation report writing, RCD drill program design and supervision at the  Marietta Project NV, and reconnaisance scale geological evaluations of  a variety of gold-silver skarn projects in Walker Lane NV.

RMCS Surveying,
(1983-86, 1995-2001); Principle geologist and surveyor r
esponsible for geochemical/geophysical grid design, geochemical sampling, claim staking, and land research for a variety of clients, and land survey party chief responsible for boundary, topographic, ALTA, ILC, site plan review, subdivision plats, description and exhibit maps.

Anaconda Minerals Inc., (1982), Geologist  responsible for RCD and core drill rig supervision, sampling, core and chip logging, at Summitville CO, a caldera-related high-sulfidation epithermal gold deposit.

Homestake Mining Co.,
(1980-81, 1985), Mine geologist at North Amethyst mine, Creede, CO, responsible for underground mapping and sampling in active underground mime and field geologist for reconnaissance scale mapping, sampling, and evaluation reports on Hg-hot spring and sediment hosted (Carlin-type) deposits in northen NV, UT and CA including South Mercur mine in UT and the McLaughlin mine in CA.



Three-dimensional diamond drill hole deflections are calculated in real time.         

                                                                      Specialized mine dump  sampling. 

Underground mapping

Ore finding.

More ore finding, see speck of gold, lower left.

Environmentally friendly diamond drilling within city limits, Central City CO.

  Happy Prospecting from Alers and Associates Ltd.

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